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Led tl usage areas have expanded. Used in offices and workplaces. It is used in houses and inside buildings. It is used in expressway, parking lot, park and gardens. Home, hospital and school etc. used in fields. It is being investigated by many as its area of use is expanding. People who use the product are very satisfied. Especially people who use led tl verlichting are happy with the lighting system. It provides more lighting with less energy. It’s economical. The biggest advantage is that it is economical. It has high durability. Led tl buis is long lasting.


White is produced as lighting. Warm white and cool white colors dominate. There is also a neutral white color. In general, led products are produced in shades of white. This is because it is meant to provide more enlightenment.


Led tl products have 25.000 burning hours. This time frame is quite long. Money for lighting is cheap. You can compare it with the burning time. You’ll see how cheap it is for lighting to work for many years. 60, 90, 120, 150 cm. there are different lighting sizes. You can buy any size and number of led products according to your needs.


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